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Construction Loans In Tri-State Area

Build Your Dream Home With Hassle-Free Construction Loans

If you have dreamt of the home you want to live in and create memories with your loved ones, we can help you construct it. Why settle for outdated interiors, décor, and design when you can finance the new home's construction and land acquistion, all in a single loan, to build a home that matches your lifestyle.


With new construction loans in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana from McBride Mortgage Group, you can build a perfect home per your needs. Our expert loan officers will help you and make the processing of construction loan quick and hassle-free. We make sure to offer flexibility in terms of tenure and installments that are curated to meet your needs and requirements. Moreover, with our mortgage solutions, you never have to stress about your finances as we make sure to offer the lowest construction loan rates in Tri-State Area.


Key Features Of Construction Loan



Low Down payment & Minimal Paperwork:

McBride Mortgage Group is committed to offering top-notch services to customers looking for construction or any other home loan. We provide Construction home loans with only a 5% down payment. Moreover, we only require minimum documentation to get a home loan approved.  If you already own your Land/Lot, your Land/Lot Equity is applied towards this minimum.

Simple & hassle-Free processing:

With McBride Mortgage Group mortgage one-time close loans with one-time closing costs construction loans in Ohio and surrounding areas. Our quick and hassle-free loan processing makes the loan process very simple.  Our professionals make sure to take care of all the formalities on your behalf and process home loan with minimum documentation.


Flexible Tenure:

If you are looking for construction loans in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana with flexible tenor options, then our construction loans are the best fit for your needs. Moreover, you never have to worry about the burden of a construction loan with our flexible tenure options ranging up to 30 years with both Fixed and Adjustable options to choose from. You don’t have to compromise with your lifestyle to build your dream home.


Interest Only Payment Option:

As the best construction loan lenders, we offer homeowners benefits from every perspective. Unlike other home loans, we offer construction loans at interest-only payments for up to 12 months.  This helps miminize your total housing expense during the Construction period. After 12 months your Construction Loan simply converts to a principal & interest payment for the remaining term.


Low Costs:

Our New Construction Loan costs are quite comparable to a regular Conventional purchase Mortgage.  Unlike most Construction Lenders, we do not charge any "Junk" Construction Fee or Discount points.  We also do not have a reserve requirement. The only additional construction costs are additional Draw Fees for title updates and re-inspection during the Construction period


Minimum Credit Score:

We have Construction Loan options with lower credit score requirements. As professionals, we take care of all the formalities and get the loan approved with credit scores down to 660. With our mortgage solutions, you experience quick and hassle-free loan processing.


To apply for our home construction loan, you must click on apply now or connect with our expert loan officer.

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